How to


We are going to show how to put on a lash quickly and easily every time. First you would complete your eye make look and curl lashes/mascara if that is something you prefer doing first. Next lift your lash band gently out of the out of the tray using tweezers. Place it against your eye to measure the right length. Trim off the excess from the outer corner. Remember to always cut less first and remeasure to see if you need to trim more! I typically trim the last two clusters off but everyone has different eye lengths.


Shake your Linerlock first. What you want to do is using a small compact mirror and look down. (We found looking down to be key to getting the lash to sit at the right angle and to get the most natural placement.) Take your Linerlock and apply above the lash root where you want the lash to stick. This means if you want the lash to sit higher at the wing you can draw the liner slightly higher on the outer corner.
* Hot tip applying liner lock directly onto band at the inner and outer corner where the band tends to lift will give extra hold.


Looking down into your compact you want to place the lash above your natural lash and adjust with tweezers. Our linerlock dries in 10 seconds so you don’t need to wait for the glue to dry like typical lash glues. But there is still enough time to adjust as needed.


Pinch the lash together using the tweezer or your fingers and you are done. Fast and easy!